Property Management

For a maximum return on your investment in the UAE property market contact BIN HAMOODAH PROPERTIES and benefit from our RELAX AND EARN Program. 
We at Bin Hamoodah Properties are focused on increasing the net value of your investment.
Bin Hamoodah Properties was established in 1982, our company provides a full complement of property management, brokerage, leasing and renovation services for residential properties in the UAE. 
What differentiate us from others is that we are landlords ourselves, we own properties all over the UAE, and this gives us the power to control. 
What we set, other brokerage real estate companies has to follow, thus minimizing competition. 
You can benefit from our huge client data base, and from our experts in the real estate industry. 
Finally, if 100 people are wrong 800 people can not be wrong, we are proud to say that we have reached a time where we have no vacant property, if you want to partner your property with our all you have to do is call us and we will take it from there.
One of the most influential factors in any successful business is the customer. Contrasts in buying trends and personality traits are as diverse as the nationalities that the client base is comprised of. At Bin Hamoodah Properties, the customer is paramount. 
We place the foremost priority is providing our clients with the most satisfying property dealing experience, from listening to their needs and requirements to delivering research-based solutions and results. It is values like these that make Bin Hamoodah Properties a real estate company that always places its customers first.
We pride ourselves on the long - term relationships we have developed with our clients as well as the stability of our staff. Over the years we, our people gained detailed knowledge of the properties they oversee. This knowledge enables us to increase our personalized service and responsiveness- yielding outstanding results for our owners and their properties.

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