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Looking for a Property ?
Why Bin Hamoodah Properties?
Whether home or land, It will probably be the biggest purchase you or your family will ever make, and it involves many decisions that go beyond simply choosing one you like. 
As a top UAE area Realtor and real estate company, here is how we will guide you through the entire process, from viewing homes or lands and financing, to making sure the final contract is in your best interest: 
* You will have full access to ALL homes, and lands available in the UAE market, even listings not yet on the MLS, through our professional UAE real estate affiliations. 
* Our expert local knowledge of the UAE should be invaluable to you, not just in terms of real estate, but also schools, neighbourhoods, the local economy, and more. 
* What is the true market value of the home or land you are interested in? Is it priced too high? Is it a bargain that you should jump on? we help buyers make decisions like this every day, and we will make sure that YOU get the best value for your money. 
* Negotiating with sellers can be stressful. we will help you negotiate, so that the final contract includes your best possible terms and conditions. 
* You should know absolutely everything about the property you are buying! You and I will view every home that you are interested in, together. And prior to closing we will make you fully aware of any and all inspections available to you. 
* Have confidence when signing documents. Contracts are full of complicated terms and clauses that can greatly affect your future life in your new home. I will give you the full benefit of my real estate knowledge and experience. 
* Let us represent your best interests in your search for a new home in the UAE. While you can see a million homes on the web, actually buying your home is another matter entirely. Buyers beware! 
Selling a property:
Getting a property sold starts with the right plan that positions your property for a quick and hassle-free sale. We have a proven plan that will work well for you, and invite you to take a look at it. 
* Perform a comprehensive COMPARATIVE MARKET ANALYSIS.
* Enrol the property in the MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE. 
* Advertise on the INTERNET, on sites that are proven sales tools: Your listing will gain national and international exposure by being strategically placed on the most successful real estate sites. 
* Advertise in local real estate magazines and newspapers to expose your property.
* Conduct an open house for real estate agents shortly after listing the property to ensure immediate exposure to the real estate community. 
* Mail and email our prospective Buyer list, which grows daily through your exposure on this site. 
* Design and prepare advertising for our office window.
* Prepare a detailed Buyer Information File that will ensure all potential Buyers have immediate answers to their important questions, thus they will not lose interest in your property once it has gained their attention.
* Promote your property to other agents at regular office meetings. 
* Monitor all showings and obtain written feedback from agents and potential Buyers, which we will pass on to you via email or a phone call. 
* Negotiate on your behalf for the best price and terms possible. 
* Once your property is under contract, tend to all the details necessary to ensure an easy and hassle-free closing for you. 
* Deliver your check promptly after closing.

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